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School Supplies

Page history last edited by mcorum 9 years ago

Excited about the new year? Below is the 5th grade supply list. If you would like to donate additional items need for the year, see the list below for needs. As always, thank you for your support!



Fifth Grade Supply List 


– Five subject notebooks

_ 3- One subject notebooks

_ 6-3 prong folders (red, purple, blue, yellow, orange, green)

_ scissors

_ glue sticks

_ crayons

_ washable markers

_ pencils (to last the year)

_ dry erase markers

_ 3-packs of 3x5 index cards

_ protractor

_ ruler

_ hand sanitizer

_ sanitizing wipes

_ 3 packs of loose leaf paper

_ 2 packs of graph paper

_ box of gallon size bags

_ 3- boxes of tissue


Wish List

_ hand sanitizer

_ sanitizing wipes

_ pencils

_ old magazines (Appropriate for SchoolPlease)



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